World Bible School's mission:To share the Good News of Jesus with the world using everyday Christians and interactive Bible studies.

WBS is one of the Christian brotherhood’s most proven, cost-effective means of spreading the Gospel to a lost world! God uses WBS by linking a worldwide network of Christians, missionaries and churches to teach and reach truth-seekers, bringing them into God’s family. Everyday Christians of all ages, equipped with WBS’ Bible lessons, help teach those who want to study. They teach with printed lessons using postal mail like spiritual pen-pals. They teach with email and Web-based lessons as online friends. They provide the lessons to the students, encourage them, guide them to respond to the Gospel, and help put them in touch with loving Christians near them.

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WBS reference Points

  • Students in all the world’s 200-plus countries, with lessons in 44 languages.
  • Over 1,500,000 studying the Bible; 1,000,000 new students each year.
  • Just $1.00 used by WBS lets one soul study the Bible.
  • Each year, about 18,000 WBS students request baptism. (That’s one baptism request for every $77 used by WBS!)

Give to WBS

WBS is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of spreading the Gospel. You can be assured that your gift to WBS will have great spiritual impact.

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At your church

A WBS program at your church provides a proactive environment for members to participate in missions and outreach.

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With WBS Connect, your church can use WBS’ products and tools and your own promotional efforts to seek out, enroll and teach your own WBS students, wherever you want.

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Become a student

The Bible offers hope, joy, love, and life. Knowing Jesus provides things that are more valuable than what you can see or hear or touch or buy.

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Become a teacher

WBS students need you. These are real people, with a real desire to learn about God. This process works with the personal involvement of the WBS

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